How to Take Great Family Portraits?

Family pictures are important in preserving the history and memories of the family. Aside from the regular snapshots that people take and place on photo albums and frames, one thing stands above them all: the family portrait. This type of family photo is extra special since everybody must be present in it as much as possible. Family portraits are usually done during special occasions, family gatherings or holidays where everyone is present. To capture the best shots, here are some tips on how to take perfect family portraits.

Direct Them

In traditional family portraits, almost everyone is looking at the camera. This might be hard to achieve if you’re dealing with so many family members. Patience is the key when directing their attention during the shot. You may also try to be creative and break from the usual trend. Try asking them to look in different directions or let them choose fun poses they like for a more natural and relaxed vibe. Don’t forget to take many shots to ensure you get a perfect one.

To be sure that you get remarkable family photos during an event, hire a professional family portrait photographer.

Lighting is Essential

The key to beautiful family portraits is lighting. When shooting indoors, make sure you have adequate light source for a clearer picture. Natural light is the best among all light sources. Position the group facing a window for natural light source. If it’s too bright, use a diffuser such as a white cotton sheet or a thin veil to soften the light.

When shooting outdoors, there are actually plenty of fun ways to play with lighting. Shoot in angles to avoid unflattering shadows over them. Or you can use the sun to capture a beautiful silhouette of the family. It’s up to you to be creative. Just be sure that the sun isn’t behind you so the group won’t be squinting.

Clothing and Props

It may sound old-school but having a theme in the family’s outfit makes them look great in pictures. They could choose a theme and dress accordingly, or they may choose matching shirt prints for simpler look. Try adding props and accessories that match their theme to make it even better.

Incorporate Different Poses

Having all the members standing or sitting makes a photo boring. Make it look more dynamic by mixing different poses into one picture. Try letting some members stand while others are sitting down. Props are important especially when you have children in the picture. Position the little ones in the front area so they’ll be noticed and let them take props such as toys or anything that reveals their personality.

Feel Free to Experiment

Today, family portraits are getting more creative and fun unlike the traditional ones. Experiment with different shots. Try capturing photos in different angles or take snapshots of the group moving around, doing different activities. This gives every photo a candid touch.

There are no rules when it comes to family pictures. The important thing is that you have captured some moments that will last a lifetime.

Cordelia Knotts

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