Ways to Celebrate Your Husband’s Birthday

As the years pass, he might not even remember his own birthday. However, it of course calls for a celebration. He does so much for you and the kids, so now is the time to show him you truly care and appreciate his undying efforts. If you have been letting it go easy by simply gifting him cologne and cufflinks every time, this year you can put some thought into it and do something special. So here are some ideas to celebrate his birthday.

Choosing the Right Gift

You need to pay attention to what he says throughout the year. If you hear him complaining about his broken spectacles or if you see him lingering around some new gaming equipment, it’s time you take note. If he isn’t dropping any hints, go for something that is popular among husbands nowadays. Tech gadgets are the best choice; quality headphones or speakers, wireless charger, laptop stand, laser pointer for his presentations etc. If he insists he doesn’t want anything, buy him something practical that he uses every day. For example, a new and upgraded electric razor or a new briefcase. You can even make him go down memory lane by framing an old photo of his, making a scrapbook or buying him a food item that he used to love but was discontinued production.

Gift an Experience

Rather than gifting an object, you can gift an experience. Buy him gift vouchers from his favourite brands, get him a membership at an art museum, photographic or book club, or even sign him up for a class; dancing, music, a different language, cooking, you name it. Gifting him some alone time is even better. Take the kids and hang out at the mall the whole day, giving him the whole house to himself. He could sleep in, play video games, watch a movie and just relax. You can even do something you wouldn’t normally do with him. Head down to the Mildura sports pub and watch football even though you hate it or watch a horror movie he loves. If you want to spend some alone time with him, go away for the weekend. Take a short road trip, spend the weekend at the beach, or even visit Paris.

Planning a Gathering

Plan a surprise birthday party and invite all his friends and family over. Prepare his favourite meals, buy some wine, get a cake and party away! If he doesn’t like much banter, invite a few close friends and have an intimate dinner. Why not do a sleepover like old times? Send the kids away to their grandma’s and have the house all to yourself. It will be fun to revisit old times, see his old college photos, share some great stories and enjoy the night. You can even plan an outing with a group of friends to go camping, wine tasting or even something adventurous such as kayaking, hiking etc. He will enjoy every minute spent with his most loved ones.

Cordelia Knotts

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