Going to A Strip Club? A Guy’s Guide on Everything You Shouldn’t Be Doing

If you’re thinking about paying a strip club a visit, you should know there are a few things you’ll have to keep in mind. They would ensure you have the smoothest possible experience as strip clubs have certain rules and regulations that people have to follow. So, what’re you waiting for?

Don’t Throw Pennies

The dancers get their money from the tips they make. Unfortunately, you may tip them in coins. No one wants to spend time going through a bag full of coins, right? It’s generally frowned upon to tip strippers this way.

If you do this and get treated badly throughout the night, you know why.

Don’t Touch the Dancers

One of the most important things you have to make sure of is to not touch the dancers. Unless they invite you to, remind yourself that they’re just dancing for you. If you end up touching them, you’re going to get beaten to a pulp as security will deal with you harshly. If you are really inappropriate, you might never be able to show your face there again as they might ban you.

While on the topic of treating her like a human being, don’t be a jerk. If you’re a pig, you’ll rub her the wrong way as she probably had to deal with a myriad of guys like you in that night alone. So, she’ll be more than happy to treat you like the jerk you are.

Don’t Forget to Tip

The dancers aren’t stripping for fun. They’re at the club to make a living for themselves. This is why they expect to be tipped whenever possible. If a stripper is showing interest in you, she’s likely doing it to gain more tips. For all the things she does, award her efforts.

Don’t Ignore the Dancers

Believe me, the dancers HATE it when customers don’t watch them perform. A lot of time and effort goes into their routines, so not having your eyes on them is rude.

Fun fact: Adelaide strippers are known for their extensive routines so be especially sure to keep your eyes on them.

As you can imagine, this can make the stripper/strippers treat you like dirt as you angered all of them.

Don’t Get Too Drunk

Yeah, you’re going to get drunk but you need to behave. If you act stupid when drunk, get a friend to keep you in check. Strip clubs can be strict when it comes to drunken stupidity so you’ll feel the wrath of a bouncer if you act out of bound.

Although you’ll likely ignore this point, try and maintain a buzz instead of flat out getting drunk. You’d rather be a little sober than getting beaten to a pulp, right?

Don’t Expect Sex

Hollywood makes strip clubs look like sex factories. This is certainly not the case and no matter how much you pay a stripper; they’re not going to sleep with you. If you want sex, stay far, far away from a strip club. Apps like Tinder are easily available, so don’t be a fool.

Considering everything discussed, it’s easy to see there is a range of things you’ll have to keep in mind before your visit. The above points are some of the most note-worthy unspoken rules, so use them.

Cordelia Knotts

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