How to Rekindle Your Long-Term Relationship and Make It Feel New Again

A Simple Touch

Remember when it was all new in your relationship, how often you’d reach out to your significant other? Hand holding, cuddling on the couch, spontaneous hugs while standing in queues, these were all things you did automatically. Not only were these things very cute and romantic, it also kept you closer to each other. If you’ve stopped reaching for your significant other somewhere down the road, start doing so again. It may be a little strange at first¾but soon you’ll realize how much you’ve actually missed this tactile closeness.

Those Same Dates But Just A Little Different

When you’ve been in a committed relationship for long, it’s quite natural for you to fall into a routine. Even if you still go on dates regularly, it’s possible that even that no longer holds that same spark that it once had, thanks to your doing it so often the same way. To refresh this, try doing your regular dates just a little different. For example, if you love watching movies, ditch the theatre and the laptop, and consider going for an outdoor theatre or hiring an outdoor projector to watch a movie in your cosy back yard.

New Things, New People

Doing the same things and meeting up with the same faces over and over again will eventually get to you, and you’ll get bored with it. Rather than making meeting with friends or going for dates feel like a chore, consider finding newer interests. Meet new people, make friends together as a couple to hang out with. Instead of dragging your new friends to your old hangout spots, try new places with them. If you live in Maribyrnong, and are in a habit of choosing one cuisine style to dine out in, make a change in that as well. There are plenty of restaurants Maribyrnong offering international cuisines as well.

Don’t Take Your Time Together For Granted

One of the worse things you could do to your relationship is to take it for granted. This is also true if you take your time together for granted. Do your best to keep away outside interruptions from disrupting your time together, even if all you’re doing is binge watching a show together. These interruptions also include the time you spend scrolling on your social media feed while you spend time together. Take it as a warning when we say that unless you give your relationship the attention it deserves, it won’t be long before things begin to crack between you.

The Little Things You Did Before

There were plenty of things you did for your significant other when your relationship was new. Random bouquets of flowers, spontaneous head massages, and special meals cooked for them, little gifts, random praises…these are all things couples indulge in at the beginning of their relationship, but sadly ignore later on. If you’re serious about wanting to refresh your relationship, then it’s vital for you to start doing these things again.

Cordelia Knotts

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