I Don’t Want To Do A Boring Job- What Can I Do?

Our lives revolve around money. Wherever you go, the green devil will always be an issue for you. Although it may not be an important problem, you’ll still be a slave to it. Money doesn’t fall from the sky of course. We spend the majority of our lives trying to accumulate as much cash as we can. You get it from hard-earned labour- labour that most of the time entails working in an office. This is the norm-you must work every weekday for the entirety of your life from 9-5 by your desk. I know that this may scare you, a lot of people hate this idea. That’s why you’re probably excited to find out some ways, more unconventional ways that you could be earning money instead.

What exactly are these ways? Buckle up, I’ll be taking you on a ride. We’ll be discussing the various different career outlets you can hopefully seek refuge in.

Make Houses A Part Of Your Life

This requires the most capital, but from all the suggestions is the only one with an almost 100% success rate. And what is it? It’s buying and selling houses!

All you need to do is buy houses, then do them up to increase their land value and curb appeal, which allows you to sell the home for double or even triple of what you first bought it for. You can make a giant profit off this and use your first sale to keep the dice rolling and fund your next real estate purchase.

YouTube Could Be For You

We live in a digital age which makes it clear why Youtubers are so common. You can be successful and talk about things that you love and are inspired by on your channel. This is great if you look into it as a career from the moment you begin, constantly building up your channel until it is your primary source of income.

This may take some time, but if you constantly keep at it and engage with the audience on all social media platforms you should be on the path to be successful.

A protip would be to purchase editing gear such as a green screen, lights and cameras to bring in more viewers with the increase in video quality.

Do You Like To Write?

Being a successful blogger could be in the cards for you. Similarly to being a YouTuber, you need to treat it as a career from the moment you begin and always try and find ways to bring in the general public to your website. Nowadays, pop culture blogs are the most popular.

If you’re wondering how you’ll be earning money, it’s through the ads on the site and endorsement deals.

What About Driving?

You’d be surprised at how much ride-sharing app drivers such as in Uber and Lyft get paid. It’s their own vehicle so they can work, switching between picking customers from apps and make tons of cash.

So, what do you think?

Cordelia Knotts

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