The Ultimate Guide To Planning Your Big Day

It can be quite a surreal moment when you finally decide to tie the knot with the love of your life. This is indeed a big step to one’s life, from this stage onwards both the couple start acting more responsibly because their actions can have a huge impact on their better half. So if you are planning to get married or the date has been fixed and you don’t know where to start the preparations from then here is your guide to it.

Start Looking After Yourself

Since it is your special day both bride and the groom need to take good care of themselves, this is because you would want some amazing pictures of your wedding which could be later showed to the future generations. To begin with you need to look after your skin, because the healthier and flawless the skin is the better you would look. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with great skin some of us really have to work for it. So to begin with you need to watch your diet because what you eat or feed your body with reflects on the outside. So stay away from anything that is fried and heavy.

Have a balanced diet one which is rich in vitamins and has all the nutrients that your body requires. You should also drink a lot of water, this will help you to stay hydrated. In order to take care of your skin you will have to follow a strict skin care routine which needs to have mandatory steps such as cleanse, tone and moisturize. Once a week you could also you a face mask, however, do a patch test because you could get allergic to certain things. Also at least six months before your wedding start going for regular clean up sessions. This will help to deep cleanse your face by removing all the impurities such as blackheads and white heads thus making your skin less prone to acne. This is essential for both bride and groom.

Think Out Of The Box

When planning your wedding, think out of the box and come up with something different and unique. For example you could still follow the good old traditions but with your own twists. For example, you could have a real fancy cocktail party where you include only youngsters on the guest list to make it a lot more fun and wild. Also when it comes to the wedding, you could do something different for your special day such as rent a fancy car so all eyes are glued to you the moment you walk in. This applies to your outfits as well, break the regular white wedding gowns and go for a unique colour such as ice blue.

Lastly, amidst the planning and hectic schedules, make sure you slip in time for workouts this will truly help you stay in shape and ensure you don’t gain weight despite the binge you have been doing throughout the wedding week. If the gym is boring then just play on some fast music and do a fast dance for good thirty minutes.

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