Things You Should Know About Living in Melbourne

Melbourne is one of the world’s most influential cities, it may not be the populated city in Australia or even the capital, however, it stills makes a huge impact in the world’s economy. The city is a financial hub and is also home to many other industries including Information technology, transportation, manufacturing and education to name a few. Given the prosperous economy, it is no surprise that the population who live here enjoy high standards of living and have all their needs taken care of. So if you are planning to move to this city and be one of the lucky inhabitants, here are some things you should know.

It Won’t Be Cheap

Melbourne is known for many things but being cheap and affordable is not one of them. The city may be less expensive than Sydney but it is more expensive than virtually every other city in Australia. The Rent charged near the city centre can be exorbitantly high. Even restaurants in Melbourne can be more expensive than their counterparts in say Croydon. One of the reasons why things can be quite expensive is simply because the population density is huge. Melbourne is all set to dethroning Sydney as the most populous city in Australia before 2030.Therefore if you want to save your money, it is better to instead live in the suburbs. This way you can access the city centre within an hour but not pay too much in the way of Rent.

The Food Is Amazing

Given that the city is multicultural, the cuisine in the city is an amalgamation of the different cultures and their cuisines. International restaurants are very popular and serve a plethora of dining options plus a few fusion ones too. You can look for a restaurant in Croydon that serves some of the best food in the city with interesting takes on local and international favourites. From mouth-watering Mexican food to irresistible Indian food, the amount of choices available is mind-blowing. Also restaurant owners can be very friendly and will listen to all customer queries so you don’t have to be worried about ordering something you won’t like or feeling uncomfortable. There are also some amazing cafes across the city providing you with a cosy atmosphere to relax in.

You Are Never Too Far Away From Nature

Something amazing about Melbourne is that though it is by all means a huge metropolitan city, you are never too far from Nature. There are many parks and lakes located within the city and in close proximity to it therefore if you are someone who enjoys the outdoors, Melbourne could be the right place for you. As the capital of the State of Victoria which is known as the Garden State, there are a lot of lush trees and vegetation in and around Melbourne. It is also held in high regard with conservation projects founded to protect Nature. So if you are someone who loves nature, come to Melbourne.

Simply put, Melbourne is an amazing city, it has its flaws but the benefits greatly outweigh them so it is still an amazing city live in.

Cordelia Knotts

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