Tips to Wear a Wedding Hat

Choosing the right hat for a wedding can be a difficult task. But knowing how to wear it can be even tricky. Wearing that’s for a wedding can be trendy but there are certain etiquettes related to wearing wedding hats that you need to know. Here are some of the common wedding hat etiquette you need to know.

Pick A Comfortable Style

This does not fall strictly under rules but this is a key factor when buying you a hat. Hats are very fashionable, but wearing something that is uncomfortable the whole day will ruin your entire outfit. Make sure to choose something that complement your height and shape. You will also have to match the hat with the rest of the outfit.

Do Not Over Match

Colour coding can be good in putting some outfits together but too much of colour coding is never pretty. If your hat, dress, shoes, clutch and jewellery are all of the same colour, it will make your entire outfit too boring. Instead opt for an accent colour or choose a different shape of the same colour as your dress. If you are having trouble choosing the right hat for you, you can simply ask for a shop assistant in a millinery Sydney to help you find your style.

Don’t Go for Extra Large

Try to steer away from hats that are too large. Not only will this mask the rest of your outfit, it can also be a little annoying when taking photographs. However, if you do prefer to wear larger hats there are anyone wearing larger hats that block the photos, ask your photographer to kindly remind you to adjust their headwear so that it will not block the shot.

Venue Etiquette

Venue etiquette relating to hats only apply to gentlemen mostly. Women’s hats are considered as a part of their entire outfit a therefore they are not required to take them off when entering venues such as churches. But for gentleman they have to remove their top hats when inside or talking to a lady – this is especially important when the groom is talking to the new mother in law. This is a considered as a sign of respect.

Let Your Guests Know

If you are adding hats as a part of the dress code for your weddings, it I very important that you let your guests know of this dress code when you invite them. Be specific as to what kind of headpieces you are allowing at the wedding. Make sure to let the gusts know the dress code at least one month before the wedding. This will give them enough time to prepare for the wedding and plan their dress.

Hats can help you make your outfit unique and stand out. Especially if you not satisfied only the more common hair do or loose hair on your wedding day and instead prefer headwear and fascinators. But keep the above tips in your mind when you do choose hats for your wedding day so that you know how to wear them.

Cordelia Knotts

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