Trending Indian Jewellery for 2021

Indian jewellery is a very famous form of jewellery mainly because of its significance in the Indian culture. The Indian bridal outfit of the bride along with her outfit are chosen carefully mainly because that is what it is going to help her stand out amongst the rest on her big day. The wedding jewellery worn by the bride is made up of gold or silver as that is what blends in perfectly with the outfits.

However, over the years new trends have emerged in which the bride is now seen to integrate the modern as well as the traditional jewellery as it is a very unique combination.  Some of the most common trends in terms of Indian jewellery for 2021 are listed below:

  1. Traditional Jewellery

Traditional Jewellery is the one that is either passed by different generations or the inspiration of the design is taken either by the traditions or religious deities that are followed. It is mostly made up of gold and majority of the jewellery pieces are considered to be oversized as that is what is going to enhance the look of the bride.

  • Big Sized Engagement Rings

The engagement rings used to be small in the initial years but now traditions have changed as people generally prefer big and chunky rings. They usually have small diamonds embedded in them with few zircons surrounding the big stone. There are numerous designs of Indian rings that people can choose from as it makes them look different and unique on their big day.

  • Temple Jewellery

Another form of trend that has gained momentum is the temple jewellery. It is a jewellery that has big chunky pieces and they are designed specifically to honor the traditions and customs that are followed in the Indian culture. Such designs are mostly handmade and in order to make them look different, gemstones like rubies or diamonds are added in the design. Few pieces in temple jewellery have designs that are inspired by motifs that give off a certain meaning or highlight a certain concept for instance fertility, protection etc.

  • Necklaces

A traditional bridal necklace is what can make or break the entire look of a person as it further enhances the overall look of the bride. It adds elegance and grandeur to the bride on her big day. People are choosing big maharani necklaces and they are not only expensive but they are highly detailed which includes a perfect blend of stones in the design. Such changes are incorporated because of the influence of the western culture on the Indian culture.

  • Matha Patti

The most beautiful piece of Indian jewellery is matha patti. It is worn by people to achieve a royal look. The design is chosen according to the face cut as only then it can fit them perfectly. There are numerous other styles as well and every design varies in shapes hence it needs to be carefully decided. It can be made in gold or silver according to the preference of the client.

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