Why You Should Start Supporting Aboriginal Art

We have all heard the phrase “cultural appropriation”. This has become mainstream because a lot of famous people, celebrities and influencers have been called out for misappropriating ideas and values of a civilization. This could either be a result of insensitivity or lack of knowledge on what is a part of another group of people’s ways of life.

This issue of desecration could be avoided if more people are aware of the arts, sciences and lifestyle of various civilization. Once, we start to support aboriginal art, this culture would be in the consciousness of more people and would be properly conserved.

It Helps Preserve the Culture

More and more cultures are lost as civilization progresses. To make sure this does not happen, we must support all the things that could keep the culture alive. Speak the language or use it on short stories, essays, poetry, etc. Buy indigenous artwork in Melbourne to encourage local artists to continue their art.

At least when the artists are supported, the culture is preserved and there are articles of literature and artwork that could be enjoyed by future generation to help them understand how the people of that culture lived. It also helps relate the present to the past and to retain the people’s identity.

It Is A Good Investment

This might not be your reason for purchasing aboriginal artwork but you would still be pleased to know that they are a good investment since they have a sudden surge in popularity not only locally but also overseas. They have also been received well by critics and enthusiasts. A lot of investors have also noticed their uniqueness and how they are aesthetically pleasing.

Aboriginal Art Uses Various Techniques

Indigenous or aboriginal art uses various techniques and aspiring artists could learn a lot from them. Aboriginal art is used in a wide range of media. It is not defined in one specific tool of expression. It is motivating for artists who have not yet figured out which medium they want to pursue since it also involves non-traditional media such as painting on leaves, sand painting, ceremonial clothing, bark painting, jewelleries, basket weaving, etc. When we all start supporting aboriginal art, these art forms could still be existing even in the future.

It Is A Source of Income for The Aborigines

There are communities where the aboriginal artwork is the main source of income by the aborigines. These natives might be set in their ways and might not be open to having a more modernized job so their artwork is their source of income. Not only are these artworks important in preserving the culture, they are also the natives’ livelihood.

Now that you know the numerous benefits of buying aboriginal art, it is recommended that you speak directly to the artist if possible. At least with this, you could be sure that the artist received the royalty and recognition they deserve. It would also give you the chance to know more about the artist and their influences and inspiration on how they manage to come up with their artwork.

Cordelia Knotts

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